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DYHI is a management and consulting company founded in 2007. Being a new age consulting company with a fresh approach, DYHI helps corporations and organizations analyze their current operations, formulate new strategies,develop initiatives that will enable the change, and most importantly execute them to meet their ultimate business goals.

DYHI can help increase your profitability and competitive advantage. Implementation of value added services towards optimization of business performance and increased efficiency and effectiveness will accelerate business growth and create an environment of resilience and sustainability.

DYHI is specialized in improving the performance of any operation through business process analysis, development of action plans and implementation. .

DYHI provides formal frameworks and methodologies in identifying problems and recommending new improved ways of performing business tasks..

As DYHI consultants, we focus on helping our clients by leading the change management process and developing the needed capacity to achieve sustainable performance and outstanding results.

Consultancy services may involve the definition and cross fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, change management and coaching skills, technology implementations, strategy development or even the simple request of an outsider's perspective.


We believe that there is no limit to continuous improvement.

DYHI consultants do not consider themselves as consultants in the classical sense, but rather change agents and implementation navigators.

DYHI provides insights that go beyond being the best in what you know. The experiences of DYHI consultants allow the firm to interact with clients around the world to gain a better understanding of continues improvement.

DYHI uses the newest and most sophisticated methods in performance improvement. It has an extensive expertise and knowledge in “lean transformation and implementation”, a key tool used in operational improvement.

DYHI takes an active role in implementing the action plans together with its clients. One of the key strengths of DYHI is its role in the implementation process. DYHI works together with its clients to ensure that the results predicted or planned are actually achieved and realized.

DYHI has cross-cultural experience. To ensure that results are relevant, acceptable and insightful, an in-depth understanding of different cultures is essential for the success of any performance measurement initiative.

DYHI has cross-industry experience. The services that DYHI provides are industry independent.   Experiences gained from different industries and client projects have a positive impact on the depth and insight of the improvement projects executed.

DYHI has a global perspective. With its international partnerships, DYHI is in a position to serve internationally. This global perspective helps its clients to compare their improvement levels in different regions and measure the effectiveness of performance improvement initiatives worldwide.